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HubSpot Managed Services

Choose a plan that's right for you.
Each plan requires a three-month minimum.

Tech Assistance

This plan is ideal for businesses that need help with the technical aspects of HubSpot, but don't need priority support or custom messaging.

$ 1,000

/ Per Month

Tech Strategy

This plan is ideal for businesses that need high-level support for their HubSpot implementation and use.

$ 2,500

/ Per Month

What's the Best Fit

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Tech Assistance Tech Strategy
Support Hours 20-30 30-50
Workflow, Sequence, and Automation Support
Custom Messaging
Dedicated Team
Monthly Strategy Meetings
Slack Channel Access

We Really Know HubSpot

At Empowering Creative, we're proud to be a HubSpot Solutions Partner with years of experience working with the platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use HubSpot?

Yes, the answer is quick and simple. At Empowering Creative, we utilize the HubSpot Marketing Platform to achieve outstanding inbound results for our clients and ourselves. We have made a conscious decision to be exclusive to HubSpot due to various reasons, but primarily because of our unwavering focus.

By remaining committed to one platform, which we are highly familiar with, we save valuable time and resources for both our clients and ourselves. Additionally, we avoid any unexpected setbacks that come with learning new software and concentrate entirely on developing effective strategies and ensuring the success of each project.

What can inbound do for my business?

The purpose of inbound marketing is to increase the recognition of your brand and draw your intended audience to your brand. It aims to cultivate trust among your website visitors, produce quality leads, and rapidly convert and maintain more customers.

How long before I start to see results?

The time frame for witnessing results may differ. Typically, our clients observe outcomes within 90 to 120 days. We identify any opportunities for quick success initially, allowing us to concentrate our efforts on capitalizing on them.

*How much does HubSpot Onboarding cost?

Here’s the generic pricing structure for our HubSpot Onboarding Services plans.

Note:  This is the generic structure of our HubSpot onboarding pricing. It may vary as per your requirements.

Hub Plan Starter Professional Enterprise
Marketing Hub $500 $3000 $4000
Sales Hub $500 $1500 $2000
Service Hub $500 $1000 $1800

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